The Blogger

“Gluttonize” is the name of the blog for a reason.

For one, other more suave and witty names were already taken.  But, there is a bit of a story to it:  I’ve been hospitalized on several occasions for overeating.

Rest assured, it’s not some manifestation of a rapidly plummeting self-esteem, nor any sort of deep-rooted psychological dysfunction.  In fact, it’s not like that at all.  If I recall correctly, on all occasions of the “event,” I was merely a little too captivated (if that is a strong enough word) by the food before me.  There was a lot of involuntary vomiting and curious yet confounded doctors to indicate that I may or may not have been a touch overzealous.  However, despite these overindulgent incidents, I still harbor zestful enthusiasm and appreciation for food, hence the blog (and my healthy appetite).

What else?

I am native to Hong Kong, but grew up in Canada.  I am pursuing some type of higher learning at university in Montreal.  I love cows.  I appreciate the less fortunate on the street who liven up the sidewalks with music so I give them money.  I am wary of hyper-individualism.  I’m a rather small person.  I don’t like spiders.  I wish to grow out my hair, but I don’t have the courage to brave through the unavoidably awkward stage of hairstyle puberty.  I collect magnets.  I don’t like spiders.  I diet between meals.  I dislike like red.   I have a secret weakness for English muffin breakfast sandwiches and waxy raisin Glosettes.

I don’t like spiders.


6 responses to “The Blogger

  1. Emma B

    like the blog but no new posts?!
    hope you put up something soon!

    go canada lol!

  2. My sincere apologies, Emma.

    In the coming summer months I guarantee this site will see more regular updating.

    Thanks for commenting!

  3. chickenfeetscareme

    Good to hear!
    Checked out some of your travelling pics, they were pretty sweet. Made me wanna go somewhere and eat alot, lol. 🙂

  4. joemaurice

    nice to see some new posts up!

  5. I bron in Hong Kong too~
    Very nice writings and pictures!
    No new thing?????

  6. Helenalove

    just randomly came across this blog and found it very interesting!
    hope you keep posting 🙂

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