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Farm Sanctuary

is an animal rescue organization operating out of New York and California that strives to protect factory farm animals from abusive treatment and exploitative husbandry.

Gene Baur and book

Gene Baur, co-founder of Farm Sanctuary, on the cover of his book that documents the life of the organization.

In a perhaps more exaggerated sense, they seek to drive home the cause-effect relationship between the cruel reality of animal maltreatment and the succulent top sirloin that deliciously sizzles on our home grills.  The notion that a sentient creature was conceived, raised and slaughtered is often lost in the face of the glaring “SPECIAL” sticker slapped on the styrofoam and plastic packaging of the numerous meat products at the supermarket.  Farm Sanctuary works to bridge this disconnect and make known the deplorable practices of factory farming.  Continue reading



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