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Quick Bite: Mushrooms

can kill.


Some mushrooms don't like Chinese people. Image from http://www.saidaonline.com/en/news.php?go=fullnews&newsid=9621.

Several hundred mysterious and sudden cardiac arrest cases have been raising alarm in China’s Yunnan province, and scientists are pointing the finger at an enigmatic and inconspicuously murderous fungus, the Little White.   Don’t eat it.

The BBC article, here.


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Quick Bite: Dragonfly

larvae are eaten in rural communities in Eastern China.

dragonfly larvae

You can only imagine the satisfying (or not) crunch of these insects. From feffi on Flickr.com.

The fisherman catch them in shallower parts of the river, leave them out in the sun to dry for a few hours and then bag them to sell in markets.  Apparently, they cash in better than the fish they catch.

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