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I’m a lover of Japanese food, and Vancouver is quite a haven in Canada for decent Japanese cuisine.  Sadly, the Japanese population is no longer what it was decades ago and along with it disappears the opportunity for a truly authentic experience.  Don’t be fooled by the other Asians who operate Japanese restaurants; they are typically Korean, Chinese, or Taiwanese impostors who have sneakily learned how to say “Welcome” and “Thank-you” in Japanese!  Luckily there still remain some respectabe authentic dining establishments in this beautiful city.  One of which has been my favourite of all: Takumi Japanese Restaurant (the images below are taken from their website).

Assorted sashimi.

It was once located in my neck of the woods, Burnaby, but has since moved to West Vancouver.  With its relocation was also a shift from a warm, homely dining atmosphere to a more elegant fine-dining experience.  It’s menu had also altered according to this shift.  Despite these changes, the fully-Japanese family-run establishment still retains its old charms, albeit in a starkly different environment.

Master Chef Tadashi Akaike at the sushi bar.

Usuzukuri (thinly-sliced sashimi)

There’s no point in raving about the food there.  It’s something your own taste buds will more accurately describe to you.  At Takumi, they value freshness and honour the belief of the Japanese that little should come between the naturally-occuring flavours of fish except for a knife and only what is absolutely necessary.  The restaurant is not simply a livelihood for the owners, but a means to share what they appreciate with others who appreciate it too.

I have been a returning patron to this restaurant for a long time.  Despite my rare visits back to BC, I still make it a point to stop by for some memorable sushi.  I am no push-over when it comes to criticizing food — the fact that they have managed to elicit this level of praise from me and kept it up to maintain my loyalty is certainly testament to something.

Give Takumi a try!  The worst you could do is prove me wrong.

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  1. find dining with seafoods is great, it is very tasty and special *

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