Traveling is such an indulgent activity, particularly since each new destination is deliciously paired with a distinct dining experience.  Here, I’ll post about good eats I’ve encountered on my travels.

Keep checking back!

hong kong link image

osaka link image

new york city link image

vancouver link image

seoul link image

montreal link image

Image credits:

  • Hong Kong link image: Jasper James, The Image Bank
  • Seoul link image: Dae Seung So, The Image Bank
  • New York City link image: Elisabeth LHOMELET, Photographer’s Choice
  • Vancouver link image: Micha Pawlitzki, Photographer’s Choice
  • Montreal link image: Panoramic Images, Getty

Above images have been cropped (except for the Vancouver link image), and feature original text additions.


One response to “Globetrotting

  1. Elisa J. Evans

    You sure have some mouth-watering pictures of food in Osaka. Nice blog as well! I might start my own blog shortly, and I think I might use WordPress too!

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