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Quick Bite: Saliva

lets you taste things.

Nice. Image by David Trood, The Image Bank.

Yes, yes, that’s what tastebuds do, but without saliva to dissolve food into the chemicals that those little papillae interpret and “taste,” they’re just decorative pink bumps on your tongue.


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The Forgotten Faces of Butter

Some trace butter to the Mongolians who created the most archaic way of butter-making.  The conquests of Asia then diffused the man-modified grease to other ethnic groups where distinct regional styles and methods for crafting it evolved.  Allowing for a sizable time-skip, butter now sits comfortably as the exalted keystone in classic French cuisine .

buttered toast

Acting as the rich slather on toast probably wasn't really the original purpose for butter. Image by A. Carmichael, Stone

However, long before butter appeared as salted or unsalted in grocery store fridges, they held a little more significance in many cultures worldwide.  Regarded as medicinal, magical or sacred, the milk product at one point or another was (and in some places still is ) more cultural symbol than kitchen staple.

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