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Quick Bite: Lettuce

can alleviate menstrual pains.

lettuce leaf close up

Put these on your breasts. Image by Daisuke Morita, Photographer's Choice.

A certain shameless women’s magazine wrote recently that by “wrapping a refrigerated raw lettuce leaf around each breast until it wilts” helps with those irritating side-effects.  Try at your own discretion.


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Quick Bite: Lemons

to be nominated for the next alternative energy source!


Lemons are sour, yellow, and can zap you. Image by Southern Stock, Photodisc.

Perhaps that might be taking it too far.  However, if you stick say a nail and a penny in a lemon, you’ve made yourself a battery!  Well, there’s a more precise science to it, but that’s not really my forte.  Read more about it, here.

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