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The Panda’s Favourite Food

is something people enjoy eating as well, especially in Asia.

Bamboo leaves.

Bamboo leaves. From Cornstock Images.

Bamboo is an extremely industrious plant.  Some have been known to grow up to a metre a day, and forests of this ambitious grass can pop up in no time after a refreshing monsoon.  Bamboo, when fully mature is a surprisingly sturdy material.  Fashioned into tools, garments, furnishings and even structures, bamboo has not only been a survival material for small ethnic groups in many parts of Asia, but also possess enormous commercial potential as a  more sustainable substitute for many organic raw materials.

These strong bamboo culms, however, are not fit for eating.  Continue reading



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Quick Bite: Apples

were once regarded as feminine symbols, associated with Venus.

green apple halved

Apparently the core looks just like something else... From Getty Images.

While this was only true in some esoteric cults, this connection was theorized to be made because an apple cut vertically in half bears some resemblance to female genitalia.

Happy December!

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