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Classic Bluth Recipe 2

Need some quick calories or cholesterol?  Craving breakfast, but with a little creativity?  Itching for something to nibble on, but you’ve given up sugar?

Annhog’s got the solution for you.



Video explanation here.


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Shrimp fried rice, chicken chow mein, wonton soup…

Any run-of-the-mill Chinese restaurant that caters to a North American crowd will have an impressively voluminous (yet, if you’ve seen enough of them, notably standard) menu.  Tossing pleasantries aside, these unoriginal menus are messy, misleading and intimidating, if not anything else.  North American “classics” like sweet and sour pork, assorted fried rice, chow mein, and chop suey, and wonton soup (the list goes on) are bound to find their way on to these easily replicable menus.  All is good and authentic.  NO.

chinese take out

You will not find take-out like this in China.

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